At Walmsleys, we strive to deliver the very best to our customers, whether that’s quality, sourcing or developing new and interesting produce or in our high standards of customer service.

We have over 20 gold medal winning products from the slavacto european food awards and our commitment to innovation and development will ensure we gain further recognition in the future.

Naturally, we have taken great care selecting suppliers with the highest standards in animal husbandry, ensuring top quality and taste.

Our meat is stored in ideal conditions and aged to perfection before being expertly butchered and displayed in our state of the art humidified smeva counters that maintain the best environment for our products.

In addition, our dedicated and passionate workforce prepare a wide range of ready made meals and bakery products fresh every day.

As well as winning awards, Walmsleys are widely recognised as one of the finest butchers in the country, by our peers and our loyal customers.